About us


Mental Drink was founded back in the mid 90’s by a group of young passionate gamers.The group started working for Atari ST and Amiga and then turned to work on PC games, where they had their first game published.After various attempts to break into the game industry, they had one of their games published by an Italian publisher.This game was Fight’n’Jokes published in 1997, which received some very good reviews with a mark between 8 and 10 out of 10. Because of market trends moving on Windows games business, Fight’n’Jokes didn’t settle well, so the team was splitted and each member started his own career path.

Fight'N'Jokes Ingame Shots

After several years, Antonio Lattanzio had the idea to review the old Fight’n’Jokes by rewriting it for modern platforms and creating a different and more challenging gameplay scheme. Then in 2007 the Mental Drink project started.

The main aim of this group is to create high quality fast paced multiplatform games focusing on gameplay and user interaction experience. In fact the Mental drink designers do their best to create games for everyone, not just hard core gamers, but also casual gamers.

Where are weWhere are we

The head quarter is located in Italy, but the team is powered by a large numbers of collaborators and clients from all around the world, which is potentially increasing the production and the sales power.


The production is based on an outsourcing scheme where each member has flexible working hours and is free to express and share ideas whenever possible, as we believe that this scheme would potentially increase the interest and would improve the skills of each team member by involving them in first place. Everyone should have the chance to do a job that really likes to get the best quality results.

Mental Drink is using a production system that gives a good chance for beginners to learn and to break into the game industry as professional developer – artist – designer. We are aware that there are many small indie developers, that after years of time invested on the development, give up and never release their projects, because we had the same problems in the past.So we are going to give support to the most interesting game ideas as better as we can, by giving free advice and free software support if needed.

For inquiries : info@mentaldrink.com or contact us directly with our online form available here.