[dropcap]H[/dropcap]araka is a fast paced game with a Sci-Fi mood, easy to pick up and with a 90’s arcade game feel.
The two alien ninjas challenge themselves in a space environment without gravity and they have to hit the ball with a Bo and score points by rebounding it on the opponent’s court. It recalls PONG as basic gameplay scheme but with more features and bonus pods. You can increase your skills by beating more opponents and then increase the game speed to the limit. There are 2 main game modes, Single Player and 2 Players.

“Haraka by Studio Joho and Mental Drink only retains the one on one ball-bouncing aspect of the game and still manages to dredge up Atari-soaked memories of the past.” Appspy.com – Score : 3.4/5
“Giocando ad Haraka infatti soltanto i videogiocatori di “vecchia scuola” noteranno la pesante mano del vecchio Pong: tutti gli altri si godranno, giustamente, il divertimento puro di un moderno titolo dal sapore un po’ retrò” Multiplayer.it – Score : 8/10
“Haraka è un buonissimo gioco. Soprattutto se si esamina il rapporto qualità-prezzo. La realizzazione tecnica è di livello mentre il game-play frenetico è stato congegnato molto bene. Ottime le musiche e gli effetti sonori.” IlVideogioco.com – Score : 8.5 / 10
“Haraka is quite a fun game to roll with due to its visuals and overall gameplay. If you like fast-paced action, then this should be fun enough for you.” CheatMasters.com – Score : Great!
“Haraka is a pong type game from Studio Joho. It is an interesting and modern take on the old classic, giving it a sci-fi style, super quick movement, a leveling up system, great graphics, and plenty of one and two player content.” The-App-Shack.com – Score : 8/10


Game Description

Single Mode

The player has to chose the next unlocked level and challenge the next alien ninja, trying to beat him. While playing there are some Bonus Pods that can be unlocked after a match.

Each level has 3 main parameters which are:

  • number of rounds
  • points for each round
  • the friction constant for each rebound on the walls

If the player beats the current opponent, he will receive 1 to 3 points showed on the level thumbnail as light bulbs, that will level up the skills of the main character and the next level will be unlocked.

The skill points will increase the Speed, Strength and Agility.

2 Players Mode

The same device it’s used to challenge friends as the top part of the device it’s used by the second player.

There are 3 game speed modes:

  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast

The game speed and the players skills will change based on the selected speed mode.


Some pods will appear on the screen while playing, giving to the player the opportunity to tweak temporarily his skills and use special features to change his game status in better or worse.

The available pods are:

  • Max Speed
  • Max Strength
  • Max Agility (increase the accuracy for each strike)
  • Deflector
  • Score x 2
  • Score + 2
  • Score – 2
  • Decrease Skills
  • Deactivate Deflector
  • Slowdown Ball


  • Fast paced Sci-Fi revisited Pong style gameplay with modern features
  • Sci-Fi music and graphics
  • 2 Players mode on the same device
  • 10 Different pods with penalties or additional skills
  • 9 Challenge levels with CPU
  • Very simple gameplay controls

Coming soon:

  • Game Center support with online achievements
  • New Pods

Please contact us at the support email for any problem or feature request. We will evaluate it and do our best to satisfy your needs.


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