The Adventures of Monella Vagabonda

Brief Story

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce upon a time there were a happy family of frogs. Monella, her baby frogs and Dad Monello, who was very proud of their family. It seemed like it was the beginning of a very happy life.
On a beautiful sunny day the frogs family went to the lake to have a picnic. Everything was peaceful, and the family was spending the day having lots of fun.

Suddenly the sky started to turn cloudy and grey a menacingly big toad emerged from the rocks. It was the sorceress Rospon and just as Monella realised who it was, Raspon cast a spell on the little baby frogs and imprisoned them in eggs.

Now these baby frogs are mine!!!” the sorceress Rospon yelled while putting the eggs in a big sack. Monello rushed to save the little ones but he himself got caught by a spell, as Rospon had plans for capturing Monello as well.

The frog Monella then pleaded why Rospon is doing this to her and Rospon replied with evil laughter and said: “The little frog Monello will marry me and the little ones are the secret ingredient for my potion of happiness”. The sorceress ran away with the sack full of the kidnapped frogs and headed for her fortress.

Monella cried but then realised she had to do something to save her beloved children and partner. Saving them will be no easy task, because the sorceress would be hiding in her fortress, full of dangerous traps; but Monella Vagabonda is ready for the challenge and begins her adventure to rescue her loved ones.

Game Description

The Adventures of Monella Vagabonda is a puzzle game where the player has to guide the little frog Monella Vagabonda and find out the best way to reach the top of each tower. To reach the top of these towers she will have to jump on platforms, elevators, walk inside doors, push boxes and face different enemies that will try to stop her. On some towers she will find some eggs lost by the sorceress Rospon while she was running away.

In each of these eggs there are baby frogs that will be saved while on her path to rescue Monello. There are also different items to collect like candies, fruit, keys and 3 stars on each tower. The stars are very important as these can be collected to achieve the best score for each level and possibly unlock secret levels and features.

It’s possible to choose between three different controls to play The Adventures of Monella Vagabonda:

  • Tilt and Jump(or Action): The walking direction of the frog is determined by tilting the device left or right. Touching the device will perform a jump and some actions will be performed when the main character will be close by some item where an action is needed.
  • 3 Buttons Control: There are 2 buttons to move the frog left or right, and a button to jump or performing the action. The touch-to-act will still work.
  • DPad Control: There is just a DPad used to move the frog or jump by using the ‘up’ direction.

Chapters and Levels
The Adventures of Monella Vagabonda are divided in four chapters. Each chapter has its own theme based on the matching season. There are 16 levels per chapter that our character will need to complete by reaching the top of the towers. Each level is completed by entering inside the golden door that leads to the top of the tower.

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