New website revealed with Haraka release

Hi everyone,
and welcome to our new website!

We will try to keep this section possibly updated about the developments of out team and our projects. During the last months we have been working on the production of Haraka, our iOS game developed in cooperation with Studio Joho.

We have developed with success a cross platform system to ┬ádeal with small projects like Haraka, and to import assets easily using an intuitive approach. We haven’t used any other engine or code but we have just ported our system from PC / Nintendo DS to iOS. It means that we can now work on different platforms with less problems and decrease dramatically the production time, and focusing on quality instead of wasting time on the engine programming. We truly believe that keeping working on this system will improve our knowledge and skills, so we will keep working on games and we will release new ones as soon as possible.

What’s next?

Now we are already working on another unannounced game that would be revealed in a 2 months time, and on the same time we are working on the Haraka update, to support game center, new pods and achievements.

We hope that you will enjoy out game Haraka, released for iPhone.
Please contact us for any issue or bug found as we will provide constant updates to the apps.

Have a great day!
The Mental Drink Team

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