[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oonFighterZ (On Hold) is the remake of an old fashion beat’em up named Fight’n’Jokes released back in 97 for MSDOS and published in Italy. The original game was featuring 14 characters, and had a gameplay similar to the fighting games of that years. The revisited version is still featuring 14 characters, but each frame has been reviewed by specialists in cartoon animation and pixel art.
The gameplay has been revisited too, featuring a frenetic scheme where the player has the ability to balance his own skills in realtime and use very technical fighting combos.



We have been studying the gameplay for this game for a very long time and after a complex research we have developed an interface based on skills and experience.In fact, the player has to play to have the opportunity to develop his own skills and balance them wisely before each fight.

The first release we are going to publish will be on iPhone, and this version is featuring two different gameplay schemes:

  • Manager mode (beginner)
  • Fighter mode (expert)

Manager Mode

The player can manage his character before and during each fight. Basically, you are the master and you need to give directives to your character to win and survive the fights. You don’t need to move your character as he will be managed by an AI controlled by your directives.

Fighter Mode

The player can use the dpad on the iPhone or iPod touch to move and fight directly. There’s no need of a master as you are the character himself. In this mode you must defend and attack using a classic controller mode where all the moves and special ones are created directly by yourself using the input provided.

Skills and Experience

Each character has to develop his own skills to continue his journey in ToonFighterZ’s world. The basic skills provided are: Strength, Endurance, Speed, Dexterity.Those skills can grow based on experience points gained after or during each fight.Before each fight, the player can balance his own skills as a strategic move.

Skills Improvement

After each fight the character can improve his own skills by choosing some training sessions. Each session can give a number from 0 to 4 experience points that cannot be shared between each of the 4 skills.

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  1. are you gonna release the damn game or not!
    you dont even give us any info on when you plan to release this!
    its been 2 bloody years now. Get of your damn arses and release this friggin’ game

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